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Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair (VVF) Surgeons

What is a Vesicovaginal Fistula?

Vesicovaginal fistula or bladder fistula is an abnormal passage between the bladder and the vagina.  Vesicovaginal fistula is the most common type of urinary fistula.

Causes of a Vesicovaginal Fistula Bladder Fistula are:

  • Complications from Abdominal Hysterectomy
  • Complications from Vaginal Surgery (i.e. anterior repair)
  • Obstetrical trauma, C-section or child birth
  • Complications from Vaginal Mesh or Sling Insertion

The Most Experienced Laparoscopic Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair Surgeons in the World!

 Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore’s surgical skills gives patients in need of VVF repair:

  • 98% CURE RATE
Surgeon’s Name # of Patients Country Cure Rate Misc
Drs. Miklos and Moore 52 United States 98% As of 05/2015
Dr. Sotelo 15 Brazil 93%
Drs. Das Mahapatra & Chattacharyya 11 India 91%
Dr. Nagraj 12 India 92%
Dr. Shah 25 India 86%
Dr. Abdel-Karim 15 Egypt 100%
Dr. Zhang 18 China 100%

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'Dr. Moore is literally one of the best doctors in the world and unlike most, will take the time to talk with you, answer any concerns, and just be down to earth.'

Perineoplasty Rectovaginal Fistula Repair Cystocele Repair

(Translated from Spanish below) I gave birth in January 2010 and suffered a 4th degree tear that was not properly repaired. Ten days later I went to the hospital after having complications. I was told there was a defect and that it needed to be repaired right away. It was repaired again and I went home. Turns out it was too soon after the initial repair to have that done, my tissue was too swollen. Three days later, I was devastated after an experience using the restroom and went back to the hospital and learned I had a rectovaginal fistula. It was such a horrific and depressing experience. It was a time when my husband and I were supposed to be full of joy, celebrating the birth of our wonderful son. I felt as though there was no hope and did not want another surgery.

My husband and I started doing research and were determined to find the best doctors no matter where we had to go. We learned of Dr. Moore and Dr. Miklos after doing research on extensive fistula repair. We learned they had actually performed skin grafts on some patients during fistula repairs at Brigham Women's Hospital in Boston, (a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School). We then searched where we could find these master surgeons and turned out they had an office in Atlanta. We called and talked with Rhonda, who from the beginning was compassionate, took the time to understand our situation, and assured us that we were at the right place and that all would be ok.

During our consultation with Dr. Moore, he explained what needed to be done and was very optimistic of the outcome. He was very thorough and wanted us to have some more tests done when we went back to North Carolina to make sure that everything was transparent. At Dr. Moore's urging we went and had an ultrasound done. We learned of a crucial factor that had to be addressed during the surgery.

I had my surgery performed by Dr. Moore in September 2010 and thank God I am completely well. He is truly a master surgeon who really cares for his patients. Dr. Moore is literally one of the best doctors in the world and unlike most, will take the time to talk with you, answer any concerns, and just be down to earth. His nurses are extremely helpful and friendly as everyone we have met at this practice. My husband and I are forever grateful.

Original Testimonial in Spanish

Tuve a mi bebe en Enero del 2010 y sufri un desgarro nivel 4 que no fue propiamente reparado. Despues de 10 dias tuve complicaciones y volvi al hospital donde me dieron a conocer de que habia un problema y necesitaba ser sometida a una cirugia. Despues de esto regrese a mi casa y fue desvastador cuando tuve que usar el bano. La cirugia habia sido realizada muy pronto y el tejido habia estado aun inflamado. Fui al hospital y me dieron a conocer de que tenia una fistula entre el recto y la vagina. Esto fue una terrible y deprimente experiencia. Mi esposo y yo deberiamos de estar contentos celebrando el nacimiento de nuestro maravilloso hijo. Me sentia como si no habia esperanza y no queria otra cirugia.

Con mi esposo empezamos a averiguar y estabamos determinados a encontrar al mejor doctor, sin importarnos donde teniamos que ir. Encontramos que el Dr. Moore y el Dr. Miklos hacian este tipo de cirugias y ademas que habían llevado a cabo efectivamente los injertos de piel en algunos pacientes durante las reparaciones fístula en el Hospital Brigham de Mujeres en Boston, (una filial de enseñanza de la Escuela Médica de Harvard). En nuestra busqueda encontramos que estos cirujanos tenian una oficina en Atlanta. Llamamos y hablamos con Rhonda quien desde el principio fue muy compasiva, escucho mi historia y nos aseguro de que estabamos en el sitio correcto y de que todo iba a estar bien.

Cuando tuve la consulta con el Dr. Moore, el me explico lo que tenia que hacerse y fue muy optimista de los resultados. El fue muy minucioso y nos dijo que tenia que hacerme unos examenes. Me hice un ultrasonido y aprendimos de la importancia de este.

Mi cirugia fue el 20 de Septiembre y gracias a Dios estoy completamente bien. Dr. Moore es un estupendo cirujano que se preocupa por sus pacientes. Yo diria que es el mejor doctor del mundo y aparte de otros doctores el toma su tiempo en hablar con uno y de responder todas tus preguntas. Las enfermeras y todo el personal que trabajan con el son de gran ayuda y muy amigables. Nosotros estamos eternamente agradecidos con ellos.


Charlotte, NC

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