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Dr Miklos & Dr Moore Patients Fly In From 54 Countries

Vaginal Mesh Complications –  Vaginal Mesh Removal

Suffer No More!

Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore are the leading experts in laparoscopic and vaginal treatment of mesh complications!

If you have been told that your vaginal mesh cannot be removed or if you have already had a mesh revision by another surgeon and still suffer from symptoms of a vaginal mesh implant, often Drs. Miklos and Moore can help.

Most surgeons do not have the experience or expertise in the treatment of mesh complications. Maximize your surgical benefits by choosing the right surgeons with the most experience first. Here at International Urogynecology Associates of Atlanta and Beverly Hills we have operated on patients from 50 states and 54 countries and we specialize in the removal of vaginal mesh complications.

Call Susie today if you are considering surgery. This confidential consultation with Susie will help you get answers to your questions before you schedule an appointment with Dr. Miklos and Dr. Moore.

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Complications of TOT Slings

TOT Slings Are a Treatment For Urinary Leakage

(TVT-O, TVT Abbrevo, Monarc, Align-TO, Uretex-TO,

Obtape, T Sling, Desara-TO)


Complications of TVT Slings

TVT Slings Are a Treatment For Urinary Leakage

(Align, Sparc, Lynx, Advantage, IVS Tunneller,

T Sling, Desara)


Complications of Single Incision Slings

(Mini Slings)

Mini Slings Are a Treatment For Urinary Leakage

(Secur, MiniArc, Solyx)


Complications of Vaginal Mesh Kits

Vaginal Mesh Kits is a treatment for Cystocele, Rectocele, and Vaginal Vault Prolapse

(Proflift, Prosima, Gynemesh, Avaulta Solo/Plus, Pelvitex Mesh, Pinnacle, Uphold, Polyform Mesh, Restorelle, Apogee, Perigee, Elevate, Posterior IV S, Ascend)



Dr. John Miklos receiving the 2014 Golden Laparoscopic Award

Drs. Miklos & Moore Win The Prestigious 2014 Golden Laparoscopic Award

Drs. Miklos & Moore won the  prestigious 2014 Golden Laparoscopic Award, arguably the worlds most prestigious gynecologic surgical award, for their video; “Obturator Neuralgia: Complete Resolution after Laparoscopic TVT removal”.  Dr. Miklos & Dr. Moore won two of six video awards presented this year at the 43rd annual AAGL Global Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology in Vancouver B.C. Only 1 Golden Laparoscope is awarded […]


Sacralcolpopexy Mesh Complications

Sacrocolpopexy mesh (a.k.a. Sacral Colpopexy or Sacralcolpopexy) is a treatment for Vaginal Vault Prolapse

(TVT-O, TVT Abbrevo, Monarc, Align-TO, Uretex-TO, Obtape, T Sling, Desara-TO)


Video Testimonial of the Month

‘I was so relieved to know that I was not going to have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.’-Cheryl Butler, Macon, GA

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