Dr. Miklos & Dr. Moore are international experts in laparoscopic (minimally invasive) surgical repair of pelvic organ prolapse. They have pioneered, researched and remained at the forefront of laparoscopic and vaginal prolapse treatment for more than two decades. They are authors of some of the largest reconstructive vaginal surgery papers in the world and have operated on more than 8000 surgical patients from 50 states and 54 countries. They were two of the FIRST Board Certified Urogynecologist’s in the USA. They each have 4 more extra years of training in Laparoscopic Vaginal Reconstruction than the average Ob/Gyn or Urologist.

Dr. Miklos & Moore’s experience, expertise and surgical skills are unprecedented. They have the most experience in the world performing laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy, hysteropexy, paravaginal repairs, and vesicovaginal fistulas.

Vaginal prolapse is often a result of childbirth, spinal trauma, menopause, genetics and other pelvic surgery like hysterectomy. The least invasive method to repair prolapse with the highest cure rate is through a laparoscopic approach.


Dr. Miklos’s expertise in Urogynecology was obvious. His credentials were impressive and I knew his colleagues held him in high respect. My surgery was successful and I suffered no pain.

Roswell, Georgia

Thank you so much for all you have done for me in the past 5 years. You have made my life so much better. I truly appreciate you and all your staff. I’m excited that I feel human again.

Boynton Beach, Florida